Microsoft – The other side of the world

Ah, what an experience it has been joining a company which literally runs the computing world. People who believe in “God”s might even compare the company to the fictitious Vishnu, preserver of this world. Once you get to know the number of products and the gamut of fields covered by them, you will be astonished. There is no field that has been left untouched by Microsoft. And now, here I am. Working for the very same. :)

I am starting with my 3rd week here tomorrow, and although no specific work has been assigned, the orientation has been a lot of fun. Microsoft’s private conference MGX (Microsoft Global Exchange) beckons us and a trip to the USA is the last thing anyone has to make in less than a month of joining. :)

I swear this confidentiality agreement is getting on my nerves. Can’t blog about all the fun things ;) So thats it for now!

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